Riding off-road instead of rinding the road when the weather is bad, being a dirty-girl

Anyone who knows me knows I love riding my bike. But if I am honest, I prefer sunshine and shorts weather to ride in rather then the cold, damp dark days we get a lot of in wintertime. Having said that I do love an adventure. So when the weather isn’t as ideal as I would like it to be, I turn to my trusty mountain bike and head into the forest.

So here are my some of my reasons why mountain biking in the winter is a great alternative to road biking.

1. It is an adventure! I am sure many ladies out there have never been on a mountain bike because it seems a bit too scary. I didn’t start riding until I was in my 40s so no excuse.
2. No horrid car drivers to deal with, only nature and your friends…heaven!
3. You are protected from lots of the nasty elements in the forest.
4. Your cycling outfit can be pretty much what you want it to be….it all works.
5. Lots of places have trails sign posted with directions and abilities so easy to follow.
6. Mountain bikers tend to be more chilled out then roadies….I am generalising guys!!
7. Hitting the deck on a dirt trail can be much less painful then hitting the tarmac, believe me I know this first hand!
8. Less pollution from cars and more fresh air to breathe…win, win!
9. It appeals to my inner tomboy, I Love all the mud and dirt!!
10. And lastly…mountain biking can help with your bike handling which ultimately will make you a better cyclist.

So don’t let that inner voice tell you it is too wet and cold outside to get out on your beloved steed. Listen to your new voice that says who cares what the weather is doing I am going out anyway!

Only a short blog this week….

Speak again soon,


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