RG Active franchise opportunites

It has taken 10 years to build our brand and our business and we now feel the time is right to share what we have created with everyone and offer people the exciting opportunity to own their very own RG Active franchise.

We have created a franchise model that can offer additional income to their current coaching set-up or allow someone starting off a new coaching venture a huge jump start.

This is not a ‘get rich quick’ offer and you will have to put in the hours as you would with nay new business, but what this exciting franchise opportunity offers is ‘help’, ‘guidance’ and infrastructure all at a price that is easily affordable and stops over-spending, helps prevent mistakes and allows planning and structure to your new business.

Have you ever asked these questions to yourself…

– Are you a triathlon coach or are you wanting to become a triathlon coach?

– Are you a triathlete and personal trainer, nutritionist or club coach considering merging your PT business and love of triathlon into a business?

– Are you a triathlon coach looking for ways to expand on your current business?

– Are a triathlete looking to start coaching and want set off on the right foot?

So what do you get from being a Franchisee of RG Active?

– Use of the RG Active Brand
– Become part of the RG Active community
– Assistance, support and advice from RG Active
– Access to RG Active literature, web content, videos etc.
– Special RG Active Franchise Insurance packages
– Earn additional income from RG Active corporate and charity work
– Earn additional income from retail opportunities of RG Active branded kit and clothing
– RG Active CPD offerings
– Access to RG Active website and booking software
– Staff Clothing
– Great deals on branding and merchandising for your franchise
– Access to RG Active partners, infrastructure and resources
– Individual franchise page on RG Active website

What is asked of you, as the Franchisee?

– Have relevant qualifications
– Up front payment, one off payment.
– A single agreed monthly payment for Years 1-3 No matter what your turnover
Note: At the end of year 3 a payment review will be scheduled.
– 5% fee is taken on all online transactions made for session bookings through RG Active website
– Sign a minimum two year franchise agreement

Case Study – RG Active Franchise (Roding Valley in Essex)


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