Majorca Triathlon Training Camp 2019

Majorca Triathlon Training Camp 2019

From: £399.00

Dates: Sunday 24 March – Sunday 31 March 2019

Abilities: Novice to Intermediate

Perfect for: New triathletes and Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 distance athletes.

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to be a professional athlete?

One of the main differences that sets the professional athletes apart from everyone else is the time they get for recovery. After a long and/or hard training session most of you have to go to work, go do the shopping, take the children to school so never really just relax and let your body completely recover afterwards.

Well on a training camp you get that time to relax. You can go out and train as hard or as long as you want and do so knowing that after the session you can go back to your hotel room and relax, take a bath, sleep and let your body prepare itself ready for the next session.

During the week in Majorca the training will be organised so your schedule will be full. We generally look to get in at least two sessions per day and every session caters for ALL abilities. This particular camp will have a more laid back style about it as people will be coming from the race season and getting ready to start winter training so the camp will take this into consideration and be more winter training based.


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