Team Relay Open Water Swim Race


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When1 September
8am Saturday

Our team relay races are something we introduced to add a team element to open water swimming. The concept is simple, in teams of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people you have to complete the 6 lap, 3200m swim distance. The only rule is that no one can swim more than one consecutive lap, there has to be a ‘tag’ to a fellow team mate after every lap.

To make it simple you register for the race, it’s only £20.00 no matter how many people in your team and you just turn up on race morning ready to go!

We are a huge fan of ‘team spirit’ and we feel that ‘team’ racing is something that everyone should experience as it motivates you because you don’t want to let your team mates down, it creates an awesome atmosphere on race day and you get to share your race achievements with your team mates post race making what you’ve done that little bit more special!

Details about the Ham Lake swimming venue:

The address details for your Sat Nav are Thames Young Mariners, Ham Fields, Riverside Drive, Richmond, TW10 7RX, UK

The closest train stations are Strawberry Hill and Richmond.

There are toilet and shower facilities at the venue.

There is ample parking for cars and safe places to lock and store bicycles whilst you swim.

The cost £20 per team, simple!

That is the same whether you are a team of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 people.

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Please take time to read through this information prior to your race:

The race will start from 08:00am so we ask that you arrive in plenty of time to change, register and warm up prior to the race start.

On arrival at the venue you will asked to park in specific areas by members of the RG Active marshals. You will need to register your attendance at the registration desk where you will be given the following things:

– A coloured swim hat and race number band for your team.

– On your hand will be written a ‘Number’ and/or ‘Letter’, this will be how the race marshals are able to record your time at the finish line of the race in case you do not have your band at the finish.

Note: At the registration desk you will also be able to purchase a selection of items including goggles and other swim accessories from our event partners Blueseventy.

The distances for all races have been measured by GPS equipment, however due to tidal changes in the river Thames the exact distance of the races could vary by a few metres on the morning of the race like with all open water events.

There will be one ‘Mass start’ at precisely 08:15am, and a 15 minute and 5 minute warning will be given before the start to make sure no one misses out.

Swim Relay Map


Everyone will complete the first full lap of the lake and exit the water via the matted ramp. The first leg of the race will be the longest leg by approximately 200m. As the first leg swimmers approach the first buoy in the water they MUST swim to the RIGHT of the buoy. For the remainder of the race swimmers will swim to the LEFT of EVERY buoy they approach.

At the end of each lap the swimmer will exit the lake via the ramp and run up the ramp to the change over zone. The swimmer exiting the water will pass the band to their next swimmer who will then run down the ramp and into the water for their leg of the race.

For legs 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 swimmers will keep ALL 4 buoys on the right and swim clockwise around the main body of the lake. Like with the leg one swimmers the water will be exited via the ramp that the used to enter the water.

The swimmer of the 6th leg will exit the water and be directed past the change over zone and down the finish shoot keeping their wetsuit on. This run is approximately 30 metres in length.

When running through the finish line we ask that all competitors be respectful of the time keepers and help them to record your numbers accurately so the results will be correct when you receive them. Please make sure your team number that is written on your hand, and displayed on your band is shown to the time keepers when you cross the finish line, this signifies YOU and will be cross referenced with your time when the results are compiled after the race.

IMPORTANT RULE: No swimmer can swim more then one lap at a time. Each swimmer MUST change after each lap with a fellow team member. So, whether you have a team of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 swimmers there are NO exceptions to this rule!

Now all you have to do is Enter, Participate and Enjoy!


AbilityAll Abilities

When1 September
8am Saturday

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