Stoke Newington Aquathlon


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When1 Jul
7.30am race start

An Aquathlon is an endurance race combining a swim followed by a run, they are incredibly popular as starting points for many endurance athletes and are a great training race for those doing triathlons later in the year.

Our TRAINING RACES offer the competitors an opportunity to gauge fitness, practice mass swim starts, swimming with others, practice transitions and to add a element of competition to your training in a relaxed and inexpensive environment.

This will enable you to try new things and make sure that you get a great workout as well as preparing yourself for your major ‘A’ races during the summer.


Details about the Stoke Newington Venue:

West Reservoir Water Sports Centre, Green Lanes, Hackney, London, N4 2HA

Full changing and shower facilities are available

Cafe for refreshments also on site

Please note, there are no rental wetsuits available at our Stoke Newington sessions.

Entry fees: £15

Choose either

400m swim & 2km run (1 short swim lap & 2 run laps)

750m swim & 4km run (1 long swim lap & 4 run laps)

We are allowing competitors to decide on your race distance on the morning of the race when you register and collect your swim hat. This way you can literally choose the distance that’s right for you when you arrive at the race.

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Please take time to read through this information prior to your race:

Race day evening:

The races will start at 7:30am on Saturday morning so we ask that you arrive in plenty of time to change, register, lay out your transition area and warm up prior to the race start. You will need to register your attendance with the coach and you will be given

– A swim cap (if needed)

– On your hand will be written a ‘Number’ or ‘Letter’, this will be how the race marshals are able to record your time at the finish line of the race.

At the registration desk you will also be able to purchase a selection of items including Blueseventy goggles, swim toys as well as sports lubricant, energy products and more.

Race Distances:

There are two options for race distance.

400m swim & 2km run (1 short swim lap & 2 run laps)

750m swim & 4km run (1 long swim lap & 4 run laps)

The distances for both races have been measured using GPS equipment. However it is possible that the marker buoys in the water may move marginally so please take this into consideration.

All athletes will start the race at the same time of 7:30am whichever race they are competing in.


Please refer to the course maps in the images

When running through the finish line we ask that all competitors be respectful of the time keepers and help them to record your numbers accurately so the results will be correct when you receive them. Please make sure the ‘number’ or ‘letter’ you have written on your hand is shown to the time keepers when you cross the finish line, this signifies YOU and will cross referenced with your time when the results are complied after the race.

Now all you have to do is Enter, Participate and Enjoy!


AbilityAll abilities

When1 Jul
7.30am race start

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