Ham Lake Open Water Swim Coached SessionOpen Water Swimming

Price£12.00 60min session

AbilityAll abilities

WhenWed 7pm / Sat 7:30am
May - September

There is no doubt that open water swimming can be a daunting experience for anyone trying it for the first time, whether you are a confident swimmer or not. The water is usually cold (especially in the UK), often very dark, you are wearing a tight rubber suit and there are lots of people of all different abilities around you probably thinking everything you are…worry no more!

RG Active are pleased to offer everyone the opportunity to gain valuable open water training before your races with organised, coached open water swim sessions at a fantastic venue. These sessions have been running for a number of years now and have grown in popularity with people coming back week after week seeing their confidence grow and their swimming improve.

You can learn the basics of open water swimming from our experienced coaches, train with other people who have exactly the same worries and concerns as you do. Whether it is your first time in a wetsuit, your first time in open water, or you want to learn how to swim front crawl, we can offer you any advice you need, answer any questions you have, demonstrate and explain anything you want to make your fears and worries go away.

For more experienced swimmers we do offer a second group at every session that provides a coached swim session working on technique and fitness to help improve your speed in the water and get you out of the water faster.

Ham lake swim sessions take place regularly throughout the summer season.

The venue is tidal which means sometimes the water level is too low to swim, please always check the session is available in the online booking system.

These sessions at Ham lake are COACHED. The ‘coached’ swim sessions are always held on a Saturday mornings and a Wednesday evenings. The Saturday sessions will always start at 7:30am and the Wednesday evening sessions will always start at 7pm.

The open water swimming sessions at Ham lake start at the end of April or beginning of May and this decision is made based on the water temperature. The sessions end at the beginning of October each season and this decision is again made due to water temperature.

Please check our booking system for available dates.

The address details for your Sat Nav are Thames Young Mariners, Ham Fields, Riverside Drive, Richmond, TW10 7RX, UK

The closest train stations are Teddington and Richmond.

There are toilet and shower facilities at the venue.

There is ample parking for cars and safe places to lock and store bicycles whilst you swim.

Click here for more details on getting to Ham Lake.

The equipment you will require to participate in the session is:

WETSUIT – Ideally a swimming specific wetsuit. All the RG Active coaches will be on hand to offer wetsuit advice.

GOGGLES – We do have a selection of goggles available to purchase at every session.

LUBRICANT – used to prevent chaffing from your wetsuit around your neck. A non-petroleum based lubricant is best as it will not damage your wetsuit. We do have sports specific lubricant available to purchase at every session.

SWIM COSTUME or TRI-SUIT – Worn under your wetsuit. This is very important for those of you wanting to practise getting your wetsuit off after the session!

SWIM CAP – We request you wear a brightly coloured swim hat to enable our coaches to see all of the swimmers easily when in the water. We do have a selection of swim caps available to purchase at every session.

CLOTHES and TOWEL – There are changing facilities at the venue and changing rooms so you can dry yourself and warm up after the sessions.

FOOD and DRINK – The sessions are one hour in duration and we always recommend having something to eat and drink after the session to refuel yourselves.

We do have a small selection of rental wetsuits available at Ham Lake.

Cost is £10 per session payable in CASH ONLY.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the session is due to start and arrange your rental with the coach on duty. We will not be able to fit you for a wetsuit once the session as begun.

Price£12.00 60min session

AbilityAll abilities

WhenWed 7pm / Sat 7:30am
May - September

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