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Training through the winter can often be a lonely experience as you might not know who to train with, where to train and how to get involved in group sessions.

In particular, cycling can be a discipline that many people tend to do solo, however this could be a reason why you may not reach your full potential. Riding with other cyclists and especially more experienced cyclists can improve your performance and training experience to new levels.

RG Active are proud to offer you the chance to participate in our group training rides that will be organised right through the Autumn/Winter periods in SW London.

These rides are designed to to offer you:

– Safe and led routes that will return you back to the start with out use of maps, mobiles and taxis.

– Advice on riding position, bike set up

– Bike handling skills including cornering, climbing, descending, gearing etc.

– Fitness training advice

And a fun, friendly and relaxed environment to train with other people without things becoming a race or without the risk of getting left behind somewhere in a country lane, we start as a group, we finish as a group.

Each ride is structured to the abilities and levels of the group that attend on the specific day. We do ask that ALL participants are comfortable riding for 2.5 hours or longer when considering joining us on these rides.

There rides start from Ham Lake leaving 8am

The Ham Lake address – TYM, Ham Fields, Richmond, TW10 7RX, UK

The SW London Group Ride take place predominantly through the winter months.

The rides will always be on a Sunday morning starting at the Ham lake venue just and will always start at 8am from this point. There is also a Hampton Court pick up point at 8.30am by the bus stop just before Hampton Bridge.

Through the summer months the rides are less frequent with our coaches being busy coaching open water swimming, brick sessions and competing themselves.

Please check our booking system for the next available dates.

Price£Free Reserve your place online

AbilityAll abilities

When8am Sunday Monthly

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